Yalgoo & Yalgoo West

The Yalgoo and Yalgoo West projects represent key components of Premier1 Lithium’s exploration portfolio. These projects were identified through machine learning as being highly prospective for lithium. Premier1 Lithium is in the process of earning 70% of the lithium rights from Venture Minerals for the Yalgoo project and 80% of all mineral rights except for rare earth elements (REE) from Firetail Resources for the Yalgoo West project.

The project includes the northern part of the Yalgoo-Singleton greenstone belt in the Murchison province. The greenstone belt is intruded by multiple phases of granitic intrusions of various compositions and ages including known LCT pegmatites.

With land access approvals secured, the next phase of exploration includes comprehensive fieldwork, targeted pegmatite sampling, and extensive soil and auger geochemistry to delineate targets for an initial drill program.

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